A woman who survived the deadly museum attack in Tunisia has told of how she smeared herself with the blood of victims and played dead to avoid being killed by terrorist gunmen.

French tourist Maryline, from Paris, was inside the Bardo Museum in Tunis when two men stormed the building and "showered bullets" in her direction as she cowered behind a pillar with other terrified tourists.

A policeman stands past blood stains, inside the compound of the national Bardo museum in Tunis Credit: Reuters

A bullet was fired into her leg and she said that a man was shot in the head directly in front of her - probably saving her life, France.info reported.

There was a great hole in his head. I felt his body slip onto mine. I understood that it was probably thanks to this person that I'm still alive.

Survivor Maryline

With a bullet wound in her knee, she saw a second terrorist approach "firing in all directions" and crawled across the room to her friend.

So what we did, as we were scared the terrorists would come back, was to smear victims' blood over our bodies - we were injured but only lightly.

Survivor Maryline

The attack left 20 foreign tourists and three Tunisians dead. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the massacre.