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Man discovers surprise £1.2m in his bank account

Kieran McKeefery and the £1m bank balance Photo: SWNS

Imagine logging on to do some online banking and finding out you've been made a millionaire. Well that's exactly what happened to Kieran McKeefery, 21, from Barnsley in south Yorkshire.

He found his balance had been boosted by £1,245,000.

Kieran McKeefery's bank balance when he logged on Credit: SWNS

After thinking of what to spend the cash on, he contacted his bank, NatWest, and asked them to investigate.

It turned out the transfer had come from an investment company and it was up to their bank to claim the money back.

After ten days, that's what happened, but Keiran was left with £204 interest.

Kieran McKeefery had to wait ten days before the money was claimed back Credit: SWNS

I was a bit phased at first. It was such a copious amount of money to be in my bank.

It was very strange and quite scary when you are in that position, checking your bank to see if £1.2 million is in there.

I didn't know what to do, except just wait and think about all the things I could have spent it on.

– Kieran McKeefery