Weather: Blackthorn Winter arrives - but what is it?

The cool temperatures will be continuing for the next week. Photo: PA

We've had the Spring Equinox last Friday (when night and day become equal length - the days get a little longer from here on in) and the clocks change next weekend as British Summer Time begins - but we're on the verge on another chilly week as a north-westerly airflow brings unseasonably cold polar air.

Like last week, temperatures will remain on the low side for the time of year with overnight frosts and there'll be the chance of hail in heavier downpours and some snow over high ground of Scotland and northern England.

It might feel like we've been short changed but a cold spell in the Spring is quite common - and is known as a Blackthorn Winter.

Added to this, statistically we're more likely to see snow at Easter rather than Christmas.