'Minesweeping' pig banned from drinking in a pub for headbutting customers

Minesweeping pig barred from pub for headbutting punters. Credit: PA

A 'minesweeping' pig has been barred from a pub bar and slapped with a booze ban - after it started robbing pints and headbutting punters.

The micro-pig called Frances Bacon eats, sleeps and drinks at her owner's inn but started 'minesweeping' - drinking from discarded ale glasses.

Customers had also started letting her sup beer or cider from their drinks at the Conquering Hero pub.

Landlords Ian and Vicky Taylor-Ross only realised the Vietnamese Pot-Belly was swilling from the pint pots when she started butting into customer's legs.

Customers have now been warned not to serve her any booze - and her owners are making sure she doesn't drink from any unattended glasses.

Customers have now been warned not to serve her any booze. Credit: PA

They have also had to shift their pork scratchings, crisps and peanuts to a higher shelf behind the bar in case snuffling Frances tries to eat them.

The greedy pig once ate a big bag of nuts - and was thirsty for days.

Ian, 43, and Vicky, 39, have raised the four-year-old pig since she was just six weeks old but now she is fully grown, Frances is becoming a bit of a 'loveable menace.'

He said: "She's lovely - definitely our favourite regular. We've had to bar her from having any beer though.

"She managed to nick a pint or two and then started butting into people. But we're keeping a closer eye on her now and that won't happen again."

They now warn their customers to keep their beers away from Frances and to let her nowhere near their pork scratchings.

Frances will gobble down anything but must be kept on a strictly vegetarian diet at the West Norwood, south London boozer - and even has her own space in the beer garden.

The parents believe the six-stone pig is a fantastic pet for children Tavis (corr), nine, Ruby, six, and Mary, three, and the family can be regularly seen walking her on a lead.

She is also a big hit with their customers and so far has got on well with all the regulars.

Vicky said: "Most of our punters really like her but it can be a bit weird for people especially as we are in London. She's just like a dog really, only craftier."