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'Too hot? Lib Dems!': Uptown Clegg unveils 'unofficial election anthem'

"Say my name, you know who I am": It's a line from one of the biggest pop hits in recent years, and now also features in the Liberal Democrats' election campaign.

The Lib Dems have released a humourous mash-up of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg speaking to the tune of chart-topping smash Uptown Funk in a spoof election campaign video.

Starting with the iconic beat and a shot of the Lib Dem leader walking down a hallway, the video is cut in a way which combines the party's political message with lyrics from the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars collaboration, which spent 11 weeks at number one.

Released by the party, the unofficial 'Election Anthem' claims the party has achieved "great things", wants to be "hard-working and welcoming", and works for a "fairer society".

'Say my name, you know who I am': Clegg repeats some of the song's lyrics Credit: Liberal Democrats/YouTube

And the editing has Clegg repeat some of the key lines from the pop smash - including: "Uptown Funk gonna give it to ya", and "Say my name, you know I am".

At one point, he even says: "Too hot... Lib Dems".

It echoes a spoof autotune remix of an apologetic video message recorded by Nick Clegg, which was turned into what became known as The Apology Song.