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Meet Dame Joan Collins: Actress honoured for charity work

Veteran actress and devoted monarchist Joan Collins has been made a Dame in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Dame Joan Collins receives her honour from the Prince of Wales Credit: ITV News

The 81-year-old has spoken of her delight at the prestigious accolade, which she said she never expected in a "billion years" after starting her career with the aim of simply being a "jobbing actress".

She was awarded the honour by the Prince of Wales for her charity work, having used her considerable fame to support causes including the NSPCC and the Shooting Star Chase children's hospice.

Not in a billion years did I think I would be made a Dame, it never even crossed my mind.

It wasn't anything I ever aspired to, I just wanted to be jobbing actress, a working actor and somebody who could still perform.

It is extraordinary... I am terribly, terribly honoured, I really am. I hope I can live up to what being a dame means.

– Joan Collins

Dame Joan has worked steadily for decades, most notably as the glamorous-but-difficult Alexis in long-running soap Dynasty.

She has starred in films including The Big Sleep alongside Robert Mitcham, as well as TV shows Star Trek, The Man From U.N.C.L.E and ITV's Benidorm, and recently took up the role of Queen Mother in outrageous new E! sitcom The Royals.

ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar reports: