Natalie Bennett: Green Party bids for electoral breakthrough

Membership of the Green Party has surged in recent months, topping 50,000, with Natalie Bennett at the helm.

She is hoping to crack traditional two-party politics and make the Green Party a bigger stage - so here's what you need to know:

  • Age: 49

  • Job: Green Party leader and candidate for Holborn and St. Pancras

  • Background: Born in Sydney, Australia in 1966 - moved to London in 1999

  • Education: Studied agricultural science at the University of Sydney

  • Became leader in: 2012, succeeding the first Green MP Caroline Lucas

Party campaign video

Memorable moments

  • Elected Green Party leader in 2012, replacing Caroline Lucas

  • Hails "landmark" growth of party as memberships surge in the wake of controversy as they were initially not due to be included in the TV debates

  • Suggests the Queen could be put in a council house if Greens came to power

  • Apologises for "excruciating" radio interview after forgetting party's housing policy

  • Pledges to introduce free social care for over 65s at party conference

In pictures:

Natalie Bennett after she was elected leader of the Green Party in 2012. Credit: PA Wire
Natalie Bennett apologised to party members after her 'excruciating' radio interview. Credit: Reuters
Natalie Bennett speaks with the Green Party's first MP Caroline Lucas. Credit: Reuters
The Green Party leader delivers her speech at the party's spring conference. Credit: Reuters
Natalie Bennett with Lucas and Liverpool Riverside candidate Martin Dobson. Credit: PA Wire