The Office star Martin Freeman says 'I choose Labour' in campaign video

Martin Freeman talks about the choice between the Tories and Labour Credit: YouTube

Leading British actor Martin Freeman has given his backing to Labour in a candid video released on the first official day of the general election campaign.

The 44-year-old star of films including The Hobbit and Hot Fuzz and TV shows The Office and Sherlock, speaks directly to the camera in the party's first party election broadcast in England as he urges voters "don't switch off yet" when it comes to relentless election coverage.

He said that he believes it "boils down to a choice" between Conservative and Labour - and the reason for voting Labour is not just about policies.

The two parties, he says, represent two "completely different sets of values".

"My values are about community, compassion, decency - that's how I was brought up," he says.

"There really only is one choice ... Labour starts from the right place."

The video also features the voice of Broadchurch star David Tennant.