Cameron opens up about his Kim Kardashian family connection

David Cameron and Kim Kardashian are thirteenth cousins. Credit: PA Wire composite

David Cameron has revealed he has "no plans" to meet up with his thirteenth cousin .... Kim Kardashian.

Speaking for the first time about his family link with Mrs Kanye West and the rest of the Kardashian "klan", the Prime Minister told Heat magazine, "I'm related. Did you see that? Thirteenth cousin ... that's close isn't it?"

Asked by Heat's Lucie Cave if he fancied a family reunion, Cameron laughed before adding, "No, I have no plans at the moment".

Other answers the Prime Minister gave to Heat readers' unusual questions include:

  • He prefers brown sauce to red

  • Cameron's a fan of Marmite

  • He misses not being able to jump in a car to go to the shops

  • Rats are far from one of his favourite things

Cameron also revealed he "virtually" knows the entire Frozen film word for word - thanks to his daughter Florence.