How does leaders' debate impact on election campaign?

Party leaders faced off for two hours last night. Credit: ITV

Well I think there wasn't one particular knockout blow in last night's leaders' debate and I think because of that David Cameron will be very relieved indeed today - he certainly looked as much when he chatted to a couple with their newborn baby on the campaign trail.

Nevertheless it didn't equally break the stalemate, the deadlock, between the two main parties - they still look neck-and-neck in the polls.

I think perhaps what was most interesting about last night is whereas many people had been predicting that it would be a very chaotic affair it was actually something which shed a lot of light on the other parties vying for power in Britain, obviously not necessarily just at Westminster.

Nicola Sturgeon performed particularly well and I think in that regard the landscape, the political landscape in Britain does seem to be shifting.