Clegg mocks 'absurd' Tory colleague Michael Gove

Michael Gove and Nick Clegg frequently clashed while in office together. Credit: PA Wire

Nick Clegg has mocked former education secretary Michael Gove over his "absurd" behaviour as he condemned Conservative plans for England's schools.

The Liberal Democrat leader claimed Gove personally drew up lists of medieval monarchs he believed children should learn about in school history classes.

He also warned that the Tories' "irrational" commitment to free schools could starve council-run schools of funding.

Clegg, who revealed frustration over the "fruitless and fruit-cakey policy spasms" during the coalition's time in office, said he would stop free schools opening in areas where there is no shortage of places.

Nick Clegg speaks to journalists on the Lib Dem battle bus. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Deputy Prime Minister said:

Talking about his own party's education policy, Clegg said, "Something has to give, and I will tell you what will give - what will give will be lots and lots of local schools up and down the country that need to be supported, not undermined."