David Cameron eats hot dog with a knife and fork on campaign trail lunch outing

David Cameron shuns the conventional way of eating a hot dog during a family barbecue on the campaign trail Credit: Reuters

Ed Miliband's infamous bacon sandwich moment appears to have affected David Cameron's own eating habits, as the Prime Minister was pictured tentatively tucked into his hot dog with a knife and fork yesterday.

The Conservative Party leader went for the unusual option of cutting up his sausage sandwich during a bank holiday barbecue lunch with his family on the campaign trail in Poole, Dorset.

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David Cameron tucks in to a hot dog with the Docherty family from Poole, Dorset, during a visit to the westcountry, as part of his 2015 general election campaign Credit: PA

Taking place in the Docherty family's back garden, Mr Cameron juggled chatting with his hosts and enjoying the hot dog and salad lunch they had made for him.

After picking up and putting down his cutlery as he discussed the campaign, and with the glare of the photographers' cameras firmly on him, the Prime Minister finally went for the graceful knife and fork option.

Today Mr Cameron risked another food-related photo-call - but this time he avoided the sandwich option: