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Ukip to announce new services for veterans funded by cuts to foreign aid

Veterans would get priority access to social housing and fast-track NHS mental health help under Ukip election pledges set to be announced today - with the money coming from cuts to foreign aid.

Meanwhile, troops who had served more than 12 years would be offered jobs in the police force, prison service or the borders agency, and everyone who had served in the armed forces would get a national service medal.

Nigel Farage will say the money would come from cuts to the foreign aid budget Credit: PA

In a speech today, party leader Nigel Farage will expand on his pledge to spend two per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) on defence, and repeat his criticism of rising budgets for foreign aid during the coalition government.

He will say the Tories are guilty of "shocking double standards", accusing Prime Minister David Cameron of "profoundly letting down" Britain's armed forces by falling short of Nato's spending target while lecturing other countries on their spending.

Mr Farage, who is standing in the Thanet South constituency, will paint Ukip as the "party for the armed forces".

He said he would create a dedicated Veterans Minister outside the Ministry of Defence, to ensure ex-service men and women are given specialist support.

A Conservative party spokesman accused Mr Farage of "playing politics with the military in a calculated and completely irresponsible way", and said Ukip had claimed it would spend money saved from cuts to the foreign aid budget in 15 different areas.