Star of Ukip's new ad campaign not sure if he will vote for them

Tony Rutherford is the star of Ukip's new poster campaign. Credit: Ukip

The star of Ukip's latest poster campaign has admitted that he doesn't know which way he will vote in the upcoming General Election.

Tony Rutherford, a 59-year-old fisherman, is featured in the billboard, which was launched by leader Nigel Farage in Grimsby today.

Promising to "reclaim our territorial fishing waters" from the European Union, it reads: "Gutted. Tony's business has been ripped apart by the EU."

Rutherford, who is managing director of Bideford Fisheries and has been working full-time in the industry since he was a teenager, says his north Devon business has been badly-affected by EU quotas that are intended to ensure fishing practices are sustainable.

The quota has been blamed for bringing the industry in the area near to collapse, when skate and ray fishing was stopped in October.

However, asked who he would be opting for at the next election, he said he had yet to decide between local Ukip candidate Derek Sargent and Geoffrey Cox of the Conservatives, the latter of which is standing for re-election.

But while Rutherford had not met Farage, he did praise him as a "normal working man".