Clegg: I have more 'vim and vigour' than I did before coalition

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby during filming with Nick Clegg. Credit: Tonight/ITV

Nick Clegg has spoken to ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby about his relationship with David Cameron and how he and his wife cope with his "kicking" from opponents and the media.

During the programme - the second of a Tonight series giving access to the four major party leaders - Clegg also claimed he had more "vim and vigour" than before the coalition with the Conservatives began, despite regular criticism over his party's choices during that time.

During a segment at their home, Clegg and wife Miriam González Durántez told Bradby that they get through criticism by continuing to "stand together", with Miriam saying "we have a very close environment of family and friends and I feel very protected".

Miriam, who is an international lawyer, also spoke to Bradby about why self-confidence for women is still an issue in society.

She said: “I think it’s probably cultural because I don’t think that men are born sexist and that girls are born thinking that they are second-rate. But something happens there that makes sometimes girls think that they are a little bit less good.

"We see it for example a lot in relation to maths and science, they think that they are not quite there, though perhaps they are at the level of substance.But the more they see it,the more they can dream it", she added.

The deputy prime minister also revealed he managed to make things work with David Cameron by accepting their differences.

The Liberal Democrats leader also addressed the issue which has perhaps seen him garner the most criticism - the party's failure to live up to a promise to scrap university tuition fees.

Asked if voters should forgive him, Clegg - who says he did not have the power to push all his party's plans through - said: "At the end of the day people have got to choose do they either not forgive you for the one thing that you couldn’t deliver or do they actually acknowledge the hundreds of things we have been able to deliver?

During the programme, Bradby was also given unprecedented filming access to The Quad at Number 10 - the "engine room" of government, comprising David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne and Danny Alexander.

While in the halls of Parliament, Clegg also spoke of his desire to do away with the "silly farce" of Prime Minister's Questions, adding: "Most normal people don't watch PMQs. If they did by the way I think people would be even more cynical about politics than they already are."

Tonight: Spotlight - Nick Clegg will air on Thursday 9 April at 7.30pm on ITV