Conservatives and Labour battle it out with NHS pledges

Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow health minister Liz Kendall visit Airedale Hospital maternity ward in Keighley, Yorkshire. Credit: PA Wire

It was supposed to be Labour's big day on the NHS - but in an election where they are slugging it out for every vote, the Tories were never going to let that happen.

So as Ed Miliband was touring a hospital in Keighley, lo and behold David Cameron popped up in one in Witney.

What's more he came with a big promise - that the Conservatives will find the £8 billion pounds of extra funding the boss of NHS England says it needs a year by 2020.

So that's the Lib Dems committed to the extra funding and now the Tories - leaving Labour, who have promised just £2.5 billion a year from next year, looking a little exposed.

BUT Labour have gone to the trouble of working out how they would pay for their plan - using the mansion tax and dealing with tax avoidance.

When asked how they will fund theirs - the Tories can point to little more than the hope the the economy will continue to grow.