French 'spiderman' Alain Robert scales Dubai's Cayan Tower

A climber known as the 'French Spiderman' has scaled one of Dubai's tallest skyscrapers.

Using only sticky tape and chalk to help him, Alain Robert, 52, conquered the 75-storey Cayan Tower in the emirates glamorous marina area.

Credit: RTV

Mr Robert completed the grueling climb in in just 70 minutes on Sunday. He had no harness and little space for his feet on the ledges of the tower, which twists as it ascends.

Credit: RTV

In 2011, he climbed the world's tallest tower in Dubai. Using a rope and harness to comply with organizers' requirements, it took him just over six hours to scale the 2,717-foot (828 meter) tall Burj Khalifa.

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