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Conservative manifesto: Key pledges

David Cameron launched the Conservative party manifesto with a pledge that the Tories would give 1.3 million housing association tenants the right to buy their homes.

Conservative manifesto: Key pledges Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Here are the Conservative party's key pledges:


  • Grant 1.3 million housing association tenants the right to buy their homes with generous discounts
  • The scheme would be funded by councils selling off the most expensive social housing when it becomes vacant, to raise an estimated £4.5 billion a year
  • The housing would be replaced on a one-to-one basis with more affordable property

The next Conservative Government will extend the Right to Buy to all housing association tenants in this country; 1.3 million extra families; a new generation given the security of a home of their own.

– David Cameron
  • The new scheme would extend the full discounts to these people as well as a further 500,000 housing association tenants who currently have no purchase rights at all
  • While some 15,000 houses and flats are expected to become available in this way each year, the Tories stressed that no-one will be forced out of their home for it to be sold off
  • The sell-off will affect council homes which are in the most expensive one-third of properties in their area


  • Plans for a £1 billion Brownfield Regeneration Fund to build 400,000 new homes on previously-developed land
  • Aides say the move would to "radically increase the supply of new housing while protecting the Green Belt"
  • 200,000 starter homes built


  • Personal tax threshold raised to £12,500
  • 40p tax rate raised to £50,000
  • Family homes taken out of inheritance tax


  • £8bn more for NHS
  • Rail fares frozen for five years
  • 500 new free schools
  • A University Technical College for every city
  • Four new Trident nuclear subs
  • Referendum on EU membership
  • 30 hours of free childcare a week
  • Giving security agencies access to communications data

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