'We just fell into each others' arms': Anne Frank's friend on reuniting in Nazi concentration camp

A schoolfriend of Anne Frank has described the moment she was reunited with the teenager at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp shortly before she died.

Frank - who kept a diary detailing her life living in hiding from the Nazis - was among those to be held at the camp.

Speaking to ITV News on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp, Ms Konig explained how she and Frank were "overjoyed" to have come across one another by chance.

But she added that the pair were so malnourished that they were like "two skeletons".

"It was very emotional, I can't remember whether we cried or not, we just fell into each others' arms and we hugged," Ms Konig said.

She said that during their meeting, Frank - who died weeks before the allies arrived - had spoken about her plans to publish a book based on her diary after the war.

"We were really dreaming, because we could not know that Miep Gies found the papers, [and] that she handed them over to [Frank's] father," she said.

Describing when British and Canadian troops liberated the camp, Konig said: "They came and they saw heaps, mountains of skeletons... bodies which were then taken with a bulldozer to a mass grave."