Video: Charlton goalkeeper Dimitar Mitov scores contender for world's 'longest goal'

Mitov is hoping he's written his name into the Guinness World Records. Credit: PA

Charlton goalkeeper Dimitar Mitov is hoping to enter the history books after scoring an incredible goal from his own penalty box.

Mitov thundered a back pass high into the air during Charlton's 2-1 under-18 victory against Coventry on Friday.

But the 18 year-old faces a three month wait to find out if he's broken the world record for the 'longest' ever goal, the club's journalist Olly Groome confirmed on Twitter.

The club is awaiting official confirmation from the Guinness World Records before Mitov can officially be crowned as a record holder.

Asmir Begovic's 91.9m strike for Stoke City against Southampton in 2013 is currently recognised as the 'longest' goal in football.

The Coventry training pitch which hosted Saturday's fixture is thought to be identical in size to the Britannia Stadium, where Begovic's effort nestled the net, leaving Charlton confident that Bulgarian stopper Mitov's strike travelled further than 92 meters.