Armed police surround house in search for murder suspect - only to realise it is empty

Armed police surrounded a house in the search for a murder suspect last night - only to realise the property was empty.

Firearms teams were called to a house in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands after receiving information Dylan Jackson, 19, was inside.

But the house in Oxbarn Avenue was later found to be empty.

Jackson is wanted in connection with the murder of Herman Simpson, who was fatally stabbed in the back on Monday night.

Superintendent Ron Winch said officers travelled to the house after West Midlands Police received a call "made in good faith".

Oxbarn Avenue was closed between Trysull Road and Hazel Road for around six hours during the operation, and Mr Winch thanked anyone inconvenienced for their patience.

"Hopefully they understand that their safety and the safety of people in the area was always our primary concern," he said.

Mr Winch said Jackson was still being sought and urged anyone with information to get in touch.