Gorilla nearly breaks through glass at zoo when little girl beats her chest

A gorilla almost smashed through a glass enclosure when he saw a little girl beat her chest.

Dramatic footage captured the moment the gorilla charges towards the girl when he notices her beating her chest - a sign of dominance - from a viewing area at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

The ape - reportedly named Kigito - pounds the glass with his fists, making the glass crack in several places and prompting the terrified youngster to run away.

Zoo officials told local media that the strength of the triple-layered glass meant no risk was posed to the girl and her family.

The 12-second clip has been viewed more than seven million times since it was uploaded on Thursday.

The young girl can be seen beating her chest in the reflection. Credit: YouTube/BULL DOGG
The gorilla notices the girl beating her chest. Credit: YouTube/BULL DOGG
The ape charges at the glass at full speed. Credit: YouTube/BULL DOGG
Multiple cracks appear in the glass. Credit: YouTube/BULL DOGG

The little girl may not be begging her parents to take her back to the zoo anytime soon.