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'25 dead' as Saudi airstrike causes massive explosion in Yemen

A Saudi airstrike near Yemen's capital has caused a massive explosion that Yemen's state-run media said killed 25 people and injured 398.

Footage showed the explosion on a mountainside overlooking Sanaa, thought to be the largest in more than three weeks of airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition.

The explosion is thought to be the largest in more than three weeks of airstrikes Credit: Reuters
The air strike was on an army weapons depot on a mountain overlooking Sanaa Credit: Reuters

The airstrike on a Scud missile base near Sanaa blew out windows in homes and littered streets in the surrounding neighbourhood with debris.

Streets were littered with debris following the blast Credit: Reuters

Damaged buildings were smouldering hours after the blast.

The area on the Faj Attan mountain, near the Hadda district, is home to the presidential palace and many embassies.

A man walks by a workshop damaged by an air strike on a nearby Scud missile base Credit: Reuters
A car damaged by an air strike in Sanaa Credit: Reuters

The explosion also damaged the headquarters of a television station, Yemen Today, which is owned by ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, knocking its signal off air and wounding several people, employees told Reuters.