Auschwitz survivor meets guard involved in murder of 'millions of Jews' and feels 'sympathy' for 93-year-old

Auschwitz survivor Eva Mozes Kor met ex-guard Oskar Groning after he admitted being omplicit in the murder of millions of Jews Credit: ITV News/Reuters

A survivor of Auschwitz has spoken directly to 'Auschwitz bookkeeper' Oskar Groning, moments after the 93-year-old man admitted being complicit in the murders of millions of Jews in the Nazi concentration camp.

The meeting between Eva Mozes Kor, 81, and former SS guard Groning took place inside the court room in Luneburg, Germany, where he has been on trial.

Afterwards, Mozes Kor told me that Groning was "a very old man with a great deal of problems".

She said that she felt sympathy for him, adding that it was "clearly a very long hard day for him."

Oskar Groning has become known as the 'bookkeeper of Auschwitz'

Groning earlier told a panel of judges: "I am morally complicit through what I did at Auschwitz. I am complicit in the murder of millions of Jews.

"I record and admit to this guilt with regret in front of these victims. I am morally guilty. In terms of the legal guilt, that is for you to decide."

Groning was helped through his half hour testimony by two lawyers.

He spoke in a strong voice, but his mind appeared to wander on occasion.

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At the end of the session, the survivors filed past him to leave the courtroom - some stared at him directly, others ignored him and one woman shook her head and wept.

He had no eye contact with any of them.

Earlier, Mozes Kor said: "What does moral responsibility actually mean?

"I guess him being here and admitting some involvement is better than nothing. He was there and no more people can deny that this happened."

Groning faces 300,00 counts of accessory to murder.