Ed Miliband: 'Selfie election' has given public a chance to see the real me

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship reports:

Ed Miliband has laughed off claims that Labour’s election campaign has inadvertently turned him into “Ed the Heart-throb” – especially after being ambushed by a hen party at the weekend – but has said he is hoping the British public are seeing the "real" him.

When asked if the Labour leader thought he’d see hen parties “running down the road” after him at the start of the Campaign, Mr Miliband said:

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But Mr Miliband retained his modesty when asked about his accidental role as a “heart-throb”, insisting with a smile that he would “never describe himself as this.”

During the event in Manchester, the Labour leader was asked if the positive way in which the public was interacting with him made him “walk taller”, but he insisted this wasn’t the case:

And finally, more on the hen party that mobbed his bus at the weekend:

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