The Prime Minister is being 'reprehensible', there will be 'no deal, no way' with the SNP and voters are seeing the 'real me, not the caricature' says Ed Miliband, as we joined him in the campaign in Manchester today.

As the contender for Prime Minister spoke on stage to an audience of medical students, the former Prime Minister Sir John Major was speak on a stage about Labour, the SNP and the potential for 'mayhem'.

That Tory campaign, the Labour leader told us, had descended into an 'unholy alliance' between the Tories and the SNP both hoping to promote their own self-interest through the success of the other.

Mr Miliband told us David Cameron has been "reprehensible" by trying to get back into Downing Street "on the back of SNP success" in Scotland.

And those in his party - like David Lammy who said Labour can do business with the SNP- are "wrong" Ed Miliband said.

"I am the leader and I decide," he added.

The audience of NHS workers and health students in Manchester today were very receptive to what he had to say.

Labour doesn't really need to work hard for the votes of those for whom the NHS is the most important priority.

Which might explain why, Mr Miliband repeatedly refused to pledge the £8 billion the boss of NHS England says is necessary by 2020.

Labour has found £2.5 billion which it says will start flowing into the health service later in the year, should Ed Miliband make it to Downing Street in May.

He accused the Tories of 'spraying money around' and Mr Cameron's £8 billion pledge was 'a dangerous IOU.'

Labour preaches fiscal responsibly over an unfunded promise even though the NHS chief says 'the consequences for patients will be severe' if it's not found.

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But the confidence is there and has grown since the campaign started.

'People are seeing the real me - not the caricature,' he says.

As for the selfies - of which there were many today - Ed Miliband shuffled awkwardly when I ask about the adoration from a new army of girls with mobile phones and that weekend hen party which mobbed his bus.

"They probably had a bit to drink," he offers me as an answer, "that is the only possible explanation."

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