Jay-Z's new Tidal music streaming app flops as it drops off download charts

Deadmau5, Kanye West and Jay-Z at the tidal launch Credit: Tidal

Just one month after it was launched by a glittering array of music A-listers, Jay-Z's would-be Spotify-killer, the music streaming app Tidal, is tumbling down the app charts.

Tidal has dropped out of the top 700 downloaded iPhone apps in the US, while in the UK, it's no longer in the top 500 for iOS, nor in the Google Play Store charts.

This will be seen as an embarrassment for the service, which was launched in March by global megastars like Madonna, Kanye West and Calvin Harris.

Tidal's USP was that it would pay better royalties to artists than its competitors, but as it costs more, many people questioned the image of international celebrities asking for more money.