Luton lollipop man 'repeatedly blocked fire engine to let children cross the road'

Luton Borough Council headquarters Credit: Google

Luton Borough Council is investigating reports that a lollipop man repeatedly held up a fire engine to let children cross the road.

The man was on duty at a crossing outside Luton's William Austin Junior School on 13 April, when the fire engine approached, sirens blazing, on its way to an out-of-control bonfire.

Eyewitnesses allege that instead of allowing the vehicle to pass, the lollipop man held it up with his stick several times and ushered groups of children across the road.

In the end, it is claimed that had to be "picked up and moved" by six firefighters, who got out of the truck to confront him.

In a statement, Luton Council said it is investigating the claims, and that it would be working closely with Bedford Fire and Rescue to ascertain exactly what happened using CCTV footage.

Media reports have suggested that the lollipop man has been suspended, but Luton Borough Council has refused to confirm this.