What they're not telling you about health

What they're not telling you about health Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Labour are announcing £150 million worth of new equipment to speed up cancer testing in GPs surgeries and hospitals. It's part of their pledge to get patients tested for cancer within a week. The money will come from Labour's 'Time to Care' Fund. It's costed and specific.

But each of the two men who have a chance of becoming Prime Minister has something much bigger they're not telling you. It's about the way they plan to fund the whole NHS.

The NHS is facing an £8 billion shortfall by 2020.

  • David Cameron says he'll fund that. But he won't say how.

  • Ed Miliband says he will fund the NHS. But he won't say he'll find the £8 billion (although he has found £2.5 billion).

  • Mr Cameron says we have to trust the Conservatives' record on funding the NHS through the recession.

  • Mr Miliband says he won't make unfunded promises but Labour will always look after the NHS.

So you can read through the promises, pledges and figures, you can add up the sums, but in the end you can't make a reasoned choice. You have to go with gut instinct, you have to choose who you trust the most. That's all they're giving you to go on.