Jeremy Hunt not a fan of 'Tinder-style politics'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt appears on ITV's The Agenda tonight. Credit: PA

Jeremy Hunt has compared modern politics to dating app Tinder and called for a return to old-fashioned doorstep canvassing.

The Health Secretary was quizzed by ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby on the role of social media in the General Election for tonight's episode of The Agenda on ITV.

Hunt responded: "I think lots of people use social media and it can be pretty scary. If you look at something like Tinder… if that’s the way we’re going to choose our politicians then I think there is a role for standing on someone’s doorstep and chatting to them the old-fashioned way.”

The cabinet minster was quick to point out that he doesn't "use Tinder" himself.

Hunt also admitted during the interview that voters didn’t believe the Tories could find £8bn extra for the NHS and said there was no "blank cheque" to bridge the funding gap.

Hunt denied accusations that the Tories are running a negative election campaign.

He told Bradby: “The attacks go both ways. It happens in elections. Politicians end up being more wooden and cautious than all of us would like to be as politicians."

The Agenda will be broadcast on ITV at 10.40pm tonight.

Other guests on the programme are author Anthony Horowitz, former Royal Opera House Creative Director Deborah Bull and columnist and broadcaster Jenni Russell.