Miliband: I think One Direction have nothing to fear from me

'It's not that funny!' Ed Miliband said as Lorraine Kelly laughed. Credit: ITV/Lorraine

Ed Miliband has reassured One Direction that they have "nothing to fear from me" after he won the support of an army of teenage girls described as the Milifandom.

The Labour leader told ITV's Lorraine, "I told my wife about it the other night ... and she looked to me as if you say, you know, 'have you lost your head'? Are you really serious about this".

Lorraine Kelly began laughing as she asked the Labour leader about his new-found sex symbol status, to which Miliband responded, "It's not that funny!"

"You're surprised as my wife I think about this," he said smiling.

Twitter is full of messages of adoration for the Labour leader, with many accompanied Photoshopped images of him as an Adonis.

Speaking of the girl believed to have started the trend, 17-year-old student Abby, Miliband hailed her for also using her Twitter account to stand up for young people in politics.

"You've got to have a sense of humour in this game," he added.