Rotherham wait anxiously on points deduction decision

Evans and Rotherham will find out whether they will be deducted points. Credit: PA

Manager Steve Evans has revealed Rotherham will find out whether they will be deducted points for fielding an ineligible player before the weekend.

The Millers were sanctioned by the Football League last week as they played Derby defender Farrend Rawson in their 1-0 win over Brighton on Easter Monday after his youth loan had expired and the paperwork over an extension was not dealt with correctly.

They have had to endure a nervy wait to discover their fate after the league said a disciplinary panel would hear the case at "the earliest opportunity", while also indicating that the club will be open to the "full range of punishments", which includes a potential points deduction.

The three-man panel is finally set to meet on Thursday, with Evans expecting news of his club's fate in the next 24 hours

"It's going to happen very soon," the Scot, whose side host Norwich on Saturday, said. "It's not my job to talk when it is and when it's not, it will be soon enough.

"I've been told this morning that we hope it will be concluded by the time we arrive here on Saturday, whether that's today or tomorrow I am not 100 per cent sure."

The Millers have vowed to fight the charge, hiring top QC Jim Sturman to defend them, but a three-point deduction is thought to be the likeliest punishment should they be found guilty.

But Evans insists he does not know the strength of his club's defence and has not been involved.

"I am not involved in the case, all I know is the chairman that has spent many hours heading the football club on this with a legal representative, I've not been involved in any of the meetings because it is not my department," he added.

"I have almost been kept at a distance.

"You have to accept there's been an error. Certainly, knowing people inside this football club, no one means to make an error.

"I don't want to cast judgement on people who make genuine mistakes. I have made enough of them. I have often said that in my career and I mean it."