Angelina Jolie condemns UN 'inaction' over Syria refugees

Angelina Jolie addresses the UN Security Council headquarters in New York. Credit: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Angelina Jolie has condemned the UN Security Council for its inaction over the millions of Syrian refugees.

Addressing the council's New York headquarters as special envoy on refugee issues, the actress criticised them for being paralysed by its division over the Syrian crisis and pleaded with them to help..

Jolie spoke as the council prepared to hear the details of a new plan for peace talks set to begin early next month in Geneva, with Syria's ally Iran among those invited.

The international community has "the moral duty" to protect Syrian refugees, she said.

Jolie who said she has made 11 visits to Syrian refugees in the region since the crisis began in 2011, called strongly for the political will to act.