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Chile volcano: Ash and smoke spread as far as Argentina following huge eruption

A playground is shown covered in debris in Ensenada. Photo: Reuters

Smoke and ash from a huge volcano eruption in Chile has reached as far as neighbouring Argentina.

The blast at Volcano Calbuco - its first since 1961 - began sending the plume several miles into the sky in a remarkable display on Wednesday.

More than 4,000 people have been evacuated so far, and winds have now carried the debris across the country, over the Andes mountains and into neighbouring Argentina.

Residents in the Argentine city of San Martin de los Andes wore face masks and saw cars blanketed following the eruption, while two airports in the country were shut.

A man wears a surgical mask in San Marin de Los Andes, Argentina. Credit: Reuters

Chilean authorities are still on alert for further eruptions despite a recent pause, while emergency services have focused on areas near the volcano as they deal with the aftermath.

A gym in nearby Puerto Varas collapsed under the weight of the ash. Credit: Reuters

One local resident, Waldo Flores, said he was forced to spend a night in the forest after the explosion.

A real sense of fear. I was left behind and I got lost in the forest. So I tried to find shelter and I spent the night there as I had no other option.

– Waldo Flores, local resident