Who matches my views?

Who matches my views? Credit: ITV

Our unique interactive tool allows you to match your beliefs with the main British political parties. Giving you a guide to which party best reflects your views.


  • Drag the slider left or right for each statement.

  • 0 is disagree, 100 is agree. Or choose any point in-between

  • See which party best matches your answers at any time

  • The party percentages are based on all your answers up to that point

  • Share your results

Your answers are matched to answers to the same statements provided by the main British parties, with the exception of the Conservative party, so it reflects where these parties stand, and which is your best match.

For the Conservatives we have answered 0 or 100 to the statements where we can clearly and definitely ascertain their answer from their published manifesto. Where we are unable to do this we have left the response empty and your answer will not compared to them on that statement. But it may affect the overall result.

The tool is not a recommendation on how to vote.