Couple, aged 102 and 91, to become world's oldest ever newlyweds

George Kirby and Doreen Luckie at their home in Eastbourne Credit: SWNS

A British couple with a combined age of 194 are to become the world's oldest newlyweds when they marry in the summer.

George Kirby will turn 103 when he marries 91-year-old Doreen Luckie on June 13 at the hotel where they live in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The pair - who have seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren between them - say they have been "living in sin" for 27 years but have finally decided to make their union official.

Describing his decision to propose, Mr Kirby, who worked for the RAF, said: "I suppose it's about time, really. I definitely don't feel my age - Doreen keeps me young.

"I didn't get down on one knee, because I don't think I would have been able to get back up."

The couple will have a combined age of 194 when they marry in June. Credit: PA Wire
George and Doreen joked that they had been 'living in sin' since 1988. Credit: SWNS

Ms Luckie, however, is more interested in getting a nice dress for her big day than breaking records, although she does not plan to wear anything "too glamorous".

"I'm quite short, so it's very difficult buying things for short people," she said.

"So I'll just have to look around and see what there is... just a nice dress, not a long dress."

Mr Kirby, then 76, had just got divorced when he met Doreen, who had become a widow three years earlier, in 1988.

The couple were brought together through an organisation to find friends for mature people.

Ms Luckie said she was surprised to learn that they could be potential record breakers.

"I didn't think that was possible, because you hear so many people living into their hundreds now, and lots of people in their nineties, I thought 'well, we can't be the only ones'," she said.

Mr Kirby's son, Neil, who owns the Langham Hotel where the couple live, said they are "very much in love with each other".