The Britons caught up in the Nepal earthquake and Mount Everest avalanche disaster

A number of Britons have been caught up in the disaster. Credit: Facebook

A number of Britons are feared stranded on Mount Everest after the Nepal earthquake triggered a deadly avalanche.

In a statement, the Foreign Office has said that "hundreds" of Britons are believed to be in Nepal, with some "almost certainly" caught in the earthquake aftermath.

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Sheffield-based expedition firm Jagged Globe said said it had yet to hear from several teams in Nepal, including British tourists set to climb mountains in the Himalayas.

One Briton feared missing is Laura Wood, 23, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, who has been trekking through the Himalayas.

A friend described her as "glowing lovely beautiful young girl often dressed in hippy type clothing".

Sinead Nic Cionna, 31, from Monaghan, Ireland has also been listed as missing on a page set up by the British Red Cross.

Some Brits have taken to Twitter to reassure loved ones that they are safe.

British couple Alex Schneider and Sam Chappatte recalled seeing an "avalanche coming straight at us" on their blog.

"We staggered out to see an avalanche coming straight at us," the couple wrote.

"A blast of wind knocked us down but we were able to get up and run to shelter behind some tents and anchor ourselves with our axes."

Daniel Mazur, a Summit Climb expedition leader from Bristol, is also among the stranded Brits.

Daniel Mazur says he enjoys helping people enjoy the outdoors. Credit: Twitter/@danielmazur

He tweeted "please pray for everyone" after the avalanche but later said he and his team were "all safe".

Tara Bradshaw, 24, from Brighton, has been found, according to a Google Person Finder Document.

She reportedly got in contact with her mother this morning.

Tara Bradshaw is said to have got in touch with her mother. Credit: Google Person Finder

Sebastian Lovera, 22, from Tonbridge, Kent, who went missing after the avalanche has also been found, his stepfather confirmed to ITV News.

Sebastian Lovera, a qualified skiing and diving instructor. Credit: Greg Smye-Rumsby

Julia Carroll, 22, from Suffolk, had been listed as missing but managed to get in contact with her father in the early hours of Sunday morning, ITV Anglia reported.

Julia Carroll. Credit: Google Person Finder

James Grieve, 52, from Kinross in Fife, Scotland, had become trapped with a party of four others from the UK who were on a Help for Heroes climb.

"Snow and ice was coming down as the glacier shook. We were lucky to survive - We all ran out of our tents," the engineer told The Sun.

"There's meant to be a storm coming. We are cut off from base camp. There's no way down."

His partner Shirley McGhie, 40, said Mr Grieve had managed to phone her soon after the disaster to let her know he was safe.

She told the Press Association: "He found it difficult to breathe and when it was over they just tried to get some shelter and get some tents erected. They were just really concerned for the others and those that were injured."

Ex-Royal Marine Commando Neil Laughton, from London, was thought to be on the north side of the mountain for a PR event billed as the World's Highest Dinner Party when the avalanche occurred.

Neil Laughton, a former Royal Marine Commando. Credit: Twitter/@NeilLaughton

He tweeted that he was "ok".

Alex Staniforth, 19, from Chester, was reported to be safe at camp one with the rest of his team.

Alex Staniforth has been caught up in the disaster. Credit: Twitter/@alex_staniforth

On his Twitter account, Staniforth's support team said he was still in shock after being left "scared for his life" yesterday.

The Foreign Office has advised Britons caught up in the disaster to stay in a safe place and follow guidance given by local authorities.

It has also set up a helpline for people worried about loved ones.

  • The Foreign Office has urged any Britons needing assistance to call +44 (0) 207 008 0000

  • Google has also launched a Person Finder site

  • The British Red Cross has created a missing persons list