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Man whose flag cost shadow minister Emily Thornberry her job says he will vote Tory

The photo that first got Emily Thornberry in trouble Photo: Twitter/@EmilyThornberry

The man whose house cost a senior Labour politician her job in the shadow cabinet after she tweeted a picture of it covered in England flags has announced he is voting Conservative in May.

Emily Thornberry, the then-shadow attorney general, was labelled a "snob" by sections of the press and subsequently resigned after she tweeted the picture, which showed Dan Ware's house, flags and white van, with the caption "Image from Rochester". Ed Miliband described the tweet as disrespectful.

Mr Ware has now told The Sun that while he hasn't often voted in the past, he now intends to vote Tory, because they "care more about hardworking Brits".

He said he did not trust Labour with his business, and that he was worried by the idea of a coalition between them and the SNP.

Ukip, he said, seemed too much like "the racist party", adding that a vote for them would be wasted.