Cameron: It's about my, country

Credit: PA

David Cameron gave Labour some ammunition today when he described the General Election as "career-defining".

The Prime Minister immediately corrected himself saying it was a "country-defining" election.

Speaking in a question-and-answer session at Asda's headquarters in Leeds, he said: "Whatever your views and whichever party you support, please make sure you do vote on May 7.

"This is a real career-defining... country-defining election that we face now in less than a week's time."

Labour described the slip as "revealing" and the party's press team tweeted: "Revealing Cameron slip up at Q&A - says the election is "career defining" ... It's all about Dave."

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship asked Cameron about the slip and he said he meant both country and career: "It is career defining for all the people I was talking to."