Ed Miliband's pledges for if he comes to power are set in stone

Ed Miliband unveils a giant stone chiselled with Labour's key manifesto pledges Credit: PA

Ed Miliband has unveiled an eight foot high stone chiselled with his six election pledges which will be installed Downing Street's Rose Garden if he wins power in Thursday's general election.

The Labour leader said: "These six pledges are now carved in stone. They are carved in stone because they won't be abandoned after the general election".

The pledges are:

  • A strong economic foundation

  • Higher living standards for working families

  • An NHS with the time to care

  • Controls on immigration

  • A country where the next generation can do better than the last

  • Homes to buy and action on rents

"I want the British people to remember these pledges to remind us of these pledges, to insist on these pledges, because I want the British people to be in no doubt, we will deliver them", Mr Miliband said as he unveiled the slab.

Mr Milband also said he would not run for a second term if he fails to meet a pledge to cut tuition fees.

David Cameron mocked Labour's 'tombstone'.

Prime Minister David Cameron mocked the "tombstone" at an event in Nuneaton adding: "I think if you have got a problem with judgment, I don't think that's going to help."

Nick Clegg also took the opportunity to make light of Labour's decision to carve its commitments in stone.

He told activists in Bermondsey, south London, there was nothing "attractive about the instability of a hapless minority Labour administration, regardless of these new great gravestones they are apparently going to erect".