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Spectator invades diving championships and jumps off board

Security staff tried in vain to prevent the intruder reaching the diving board. Photo: PA

An intruder made a splash at this weekend's Diving World Series when he leapt into the pool from one of the diving boards in front of an unimpressed crowd at the London Aquatics Centre.

The man emerged from the audience wearing a tracksuit and then tussled with security staff as he scuttled up the steps while undressing, before jumping off the diving board in a small pair of swimming trunks.

The prankster has been identified as student Dan Jarvis. Credit: PA

The stunt was greeted with boos from spectators at the event, in which Great Britain's Tom Daley won a gold medal in 10m platform.

The prankster has been identified as 26-year-old student Dan Jarvis, whose dive was posted online by a prank group called Troll Station.