Teacher turned away from McDonald's for 'being too drunk'

A man in Cambridge has been turned away from a late-night McDonald’s restaurant for failing a breathalyser test.

In scenes that may soon be seen across the UK, the 25-year-old teacher was asked to take a breath test before buying his Big Mac as part of a city-wide scheme to reduced alcohol-related crimes.

The disappointed drinker told media he was alone when he failed the test in the early hours of Sunday morning, and insists he wasn’t rude or incapable through drink.

Speaking to Cambridge News, he said:

I went to McDonald's at 2am to get some food and security staff said I had to blow into a breathalyser if I wanted to get in.

'Drunk' customer

Joseph Keegan, Alcohol Strategic Lead at Cambridgeshire County Council, said anyone who is turned away will be given information about risks involved with binge drinking.

He said:

Each person who is turned away from a venue will be offered a drink scratch card which will give them information about their drinking risk levels and advice on cutting down on alcohol use.

Joseph Keegan

McDonald’s insist its “top priority” was a safe environment for customers in the Cambridge city centre branch, which is open 24 hours at weekends.

If the scheme proves to be a success, other towns and cities in the UK may adopt similar policies.

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