Cross-stitching becomes the new way to follow the election results

There are many ways for people to choose to follow the election results but needle work was probably not one most would have thought of.

However, as the political map of the UK changes colour, Twitter users can keep up with the changes via the hashtag #UK2015GeneralElectionResultsLiveStitch set up to follow one man's mission to cross-stitch the election.

So far, the map just has a few splashes of colour but cross-stitcher Tom Katsumi hopes to make it through the night unless as he told he "ends up falling asleep on a needle".

Tom had to wait a while for the results to come in with just two cross-stitches on his map to keep him and his beer company.

But fortunately, Swindon North was declared and Tom quickly got to work with a blue stitch

Clearly there's quite a way to go before the night is over and although one tweeter commented, Swindon was looking a "bit lonely", Tom won't be lonely tonight judging by the number of tweets he's already attracted.