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Russell Brand claims he had no influence on General Election result

In the wake of today's General Election results, comedian Russell Brand has admitted he had "no influence" on the vote - because he's "just a bloke with a laptop and a bit of mouth".

Brand leaped into the political consciousness last year when he admitted to Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman that he did not see the point in voting, kicking off a national conversation.

In an eleventh-hour intervention last week, Brand had a change of heart and endorsed Ed Miliband - except in Brighton Pavillion, where he championed the Greens' Caroline Lucas.

Now, however, after a disastrous night for Labour, Brand has taken to his YouTube channel to confess that he made no difference, and would be stepping back from party political interventions.

He said: "We got really into it. From a personal perspective, when we interviewed (Ed) Miliband we thought: 'Oh my God, we can probably influence the outcome of an election.'

"Now I think: 'Can't influence the outcome of an election'."

Brand became a polarising figure in pre-election Britain, inspiring reverence and derision in equal measure.

In his video, he said that his "only regret" was that "I thought I could be involved".

"People are telling us we could make an influence, even if it's a small thing, it would be better if the independent living fund is not cancelled, if education isn't cut, if health isn't cut.

"The only thing I can look to positively is that change does happen. I think there is a possibility for a new type of politics."

He implored viewers to "be nice to one another" as "we're going to have no shortage of meanness over the next five years".