Nicola Sturgeon warns PM 'it cannot be business as usual'

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the people of Scotland voted for 'an alternative approach.' Credit: Danny Lawson / PA Wire/PA Images

Nicola Sturgeon will join newly-elected SNP MPs today as the party marks its historic landslide general election victory in Scotland.

Scotland's First Minister will hold a photocall today in Edinburgh after warning Prime Minister David Cameron that "it cannot be business as usual".

The two leaders held a brief conversation in the hours following the outcome of the vote which saw the Conservatives win a majority across the UK, while the SNP saw its number of MPs rise from six to 56.

After returning to Downing Street, Mr Cameron said he would "stay true to my word" and implement plans already drawn up for further devolution "as fast as I can".

Ms Sturgeon said she would meet the PM as soon as possible but insisted she "made it clear" that it "can't be business as usual".

Asked whether Mr Cameron would have to offer Scotland fiscal autonomy, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told BBC2's Newsnight programme: "I think David Cameron was, in a way, saying that.

"I think it was very significant that in his acceptance speech in his own constituency and his speech on the steps of Number 10, he talked so much about preserving the union.

"The words he used were that he would give more autonomy to Scotland than any other part or region anywhere in the world."