Scuffles between police and protesters at anti-Tory demonstration at Downing Street

Anti-austerity protesters at Downing Street Credit: Rick Findler / PA Wire

The new government is not yet 48 hours old, but it has already inspired its first protest, right outside Downing Street.

Several hundred anti-austerity protesters gathered near Parliament Square this afternoon, outside the Conservative Party HQ, before moving on to Whitehall and demonstrating by Downing Street.

ITV News' James Jordan spoke of "angry scenes right outside Downing Street", but said that the "protests appear to be calming down this evening" and that "the situation appears calm".

A large police presence contained the protesters, and while there were a few small scuffles, the event was largely peaceful.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said that the protest was unplanned, and that four arrests had been made. He added that one police officer and one member of police staff had been injured, with both being treated in hospital.

One eyewitness said that she thought there might have been as many as 500 people in attendance, many of whom were kettled for a short time.

She said: "There were a lot of young people and teenagers with scarves over their faces being very excited, but I wouldn't say it was a riot-like atmosphere."

She added that a Second World War memorial had been defaced with "F*** tory scum" graffiti.

In Cardiff meanwhile, an estimated 200 people attended a rally at the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street - including the singer Charlotte Church, who spoke to ITV News Wales.