Sturgeon 'bursting with pride' as she introduces new SNP MPs

Nicola Sturgeon with newly elected SNP MPs in Edinburgh

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted Scotland will no longer be "sidelined or ignored at Westminster after her party's unprecedented general election victory.

ITV News Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward reports:

Speaking as she joined newly-elected SNP MPs in Edinburgh for a photocall, Scotland's First Minister said she was "absolutely delighted and bursting with pride" to introduce the 56 men and women elected "to make Scotland's voice heard" in Westminster.

Ms Sturgeon said her group of MPs would now be pressing for an end to austerity.

She also reiterated her message to David Cameron during a brief conversation yesterday that it "simply cannot be and it will not be business as usual when it comes to Westminster's dealing with Scotland".

The prime minister has said he will "stay true to my word" and implement plans already drawn up for further devolution in Scotland "as fast as I can".