David Cameron in great mood as he speaks to reporters before addressing raucous Tory MPs

David Cameron was earlier chatting to the reporters waiting outside the committee room where he then addressed Tory MPs.

A few things we learn:

He is not surprisingly in a great mood.

He told us he knew the Tories had won when they held Nuneaton. That, he said, was the equivalent of Basildon in 1992.

He joked that, without the Lib Dems, there are a few more government posts to fill than he thought.

He said the campaign he fought was the right one: economy and leadership. But admitted, it was tough to justify as the polls never broke.

He said there was a huge block of undecided voters until he end and when they broke, 'they broke our way'.

On the polls, he again joked he would sue YouGov - who produced a daily poll - for giving him an 'ulcer'.

He pointed at the Conservative manifesto, which he was clutched in his arms, and said he will now be able to implement everything in it: 'We're gonna deliver it', he said.

He mentioned that he had a text conversation with Nick Clegg when the scale of the Lib Dem loss became clear. They also spoke at the Cenotaph for the VE ceremony.

David Cameron with his wife Samantha after his election win. Credit: Reuters

He did acknowledge the Tories won every Lib Dem seat he had visited during the campaign.

But he claimed the Tories could have had TWO seats in Scotland but the Lib Dem support in their Borders seat split the vote and handed it to the SNP.

On Labour's leadership election, he said it was 'lovely to watch' and pointed out that he'll now be on his FIFTH Labour leader (Blair, Brown, Harman, Miliband and now Harman again).

David Cameron said he spoke to Nick Clegg after the scale of his party's loss became clear. Credit: PA Wire

He embraced a couple of new female Tory MPs like Victoria Borwick, who won Kensington.

Asked if he was expecting trouble from his back bench MPs, he replied: "I think today will go well!"

And asked which was the best victory of the night last week - he pointed to Rochester. Where Kelly Tolhurst took back the seat from Mark Reckless, who defected to UKIP and won the by election there last year.Meanwhile, the clapping and banging of tables behind me, goes on.