Is the rhino's best hope without its horn?

Credit: ITV News

A new technique to try and save the rhino from extinction has been developed in South Africa but it is proving controversial.

'Rhino farming' involves removing the animal's horn to stop it becoming a target for poachers and is seen in South Africa as a necessary measure as the country faces its worst year for rhino poaching.

ITV News' Africa correspondent John Ray reports:

Rhinos are an attractive target for poachers who can sell their horns on the black market for £30,000.


Rhinos killed this year already in south Africa

"If you're going to save the rhino from extinction, this is a model," said rhino farmer, John Hume.

"If I make this enormous amount of money which I'm supposed to be going to make if I sell the horn, not only will I be able to breed a lot more rhino but my peers in the country who own rhinos will be able to breed a lot more," he added.