Channel 4 dupes viewers into thinking robot servants for sale

Credit: YouTube

A Channel 4 advert for a new TV series has been branded "creepy" by viewers after it appeared to offer 'robot servants' for sale.

The commercial was actually for upcoming show Humans about realistic-looking cyborgs.

But many who saw it over the weekend thought it was real and were so "freaked out" they had to Google it to double check.

'Sally' is turned off at night. Credit: YouTube

The ad starts with saying: "This is Sally. She is your new best friend.

"The help you have always wanted. She is perfect in every way. She can do just about anything.

"She is faster, stronger, more capable than ever before. She can be just about anyone. Sally is part of your family. She is whatever you want her to be."

An 'advert' for cyborgs in London's Regent Street. Credit: PA

It shows 'Sally' putting the children to bed and then being hooked up to a machine and switched off in a dark room at night.

The series, which starts in June, will focus on online company Persona Synthetics, which sells cyborgs as hired help for well-off families.

But the advertisers went further by putting up posters and even wheeling actors pretending to be cyborgs around central London.

Actors pose as cyborgs and are wheeled around London. Credit: PA

Alarmed viewers soon took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Watch the ad in full below and see what you think: